To see a growing community of imperfect disciples clinging tenaciously to a perfect Christ, inviting and inspiring others to know and follow Him.


Ascension church exists to connect to everyone’s desire to experience heaven on earth. We do this through worshiping God, connecting in community and living out the story of God’s hope in the world through love and service.


Our community’s center is the Gospel. It’s an ancient but ever new story of God’s deliverance of the world through the person and work of Jesus Christ. For centuries Christians have confessed the significance of Jesus’ mysterious birth, his holy life, his sacrificial death and his earth shattering Resurrection. But the story of Jesus doesn’t end with the Resurrection. After sharing a brief part of his Resurrected life with his closest followers the Bible and the ancient creeds tell us that “he ascended into heaven.” The Risen Jesus went back to God his Father, but not as a spirit or a ghost. He went, with a new kind of humanity, into the fullness of God’s Kingdom where God is all in all. When he ascended, Jesus didn’t just bring God down to us. He brought us into God. Jesus didn’t just bridge the gap back then. He continues to be the bridge between heaven and earth. He represents our stories (the good, the bad and the ugly) to God and through the Holy Spirit enables God to be present to our stories in any and every time and place.