We worship Sunday mornings at 10:00am in the historic Richardson House located at 102 West Maple Avenue in Langhorne, PA. (click here for directions)

“Liturgy” is for some one of those religious sounding terms that may not mean much at all. This word has been important though in the history of the church.

The English term liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia. Its root is twofold: leos (people) and ergon (work). A basic definition would be public work or public service. In the Ancient World in which the early church was born, leitourgia was used for any public work project. A leitourgia could be building a bridge or road or bathhouse, done for the sake of the common good of the entire city or the empire. The early Christians called what they did in their worship gatherings a leitourgia. They understood their sacred liturgy as a public service owed to God and offered by the Church on behalf of itself and of the world. Their sacred grace filled work consisted primarily of two elements: (1) thanksgiving for a world created and redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus and (2) petitionary prayer offered in and through the Risen Jesus on behalf of a world that doesn’t yet know or feel the source of its hope and healing.

Our order of service on Sundays follows an ancient pattern as old the Bible itself…

God Calls Us…On Sundays we go from being the church scattered to the church gathered. God our Creator and Redeemer always initiates worship, calling us into the presence of the Holy. We respond with joyous praise and celebration.

God Cleanses Us…In the light of God’s love we are made painfully aware of our brokenness and deep need for healing. We confess our brokenness and need for healing and grace and hear words of assurance that the Gospel is first and foremost for sinners.

God Consecrates Us…We learn what it means to follow God in the way of Jesus through reflecting on God’s story told in the Bible. It’s through Scripture that God’s Spirit consecrates us, forming and reforming us for the adventure of living in God’s Kingdom.

God Communes with Us…Worship climaxes with the ancient Christian practice of communion, or the Eucharist, where we are united to Christ and one another through sharing a common loaf and a common cup.

God Commissions Us…We are sent into the world to love and bless it and to make Jesus known, inviting others to follow Him.
Our liturgy is a central part of our spiritual journey. This journey is about continually reorienting our lives, together and individually, around God’s call on our lives to be His representatives in the places we live, work and play. We do this based on and through the hope that comes from Jesus Christ, empowered by His life giving Spirit.

What to expect…

  1. We are a small community currently so you will be noticed quickly and make new friends right away.
  2. We use a liturgy (way to order what we do) every Sunday. It’s one that has roots as old as the story of the Bible, and it has elements shared with thousands of churches all over the world.
  3. Everything you need to participate in the service is in our worship folder so make sure you grab one off one of the seats or on the table by the coffee.
  4. We celebrate the Eucharist (communion or breaking of bread are other terms) weekly with bread and grape juice. All believers are welcome.
  5. Sermons are usually posted in podcast form every week in case you miss something or want to check us out (click on the sermons tab)
  6. We do not separate children from adults and so have gotten used to a little noise and a lot of cuteness during the service.
  7. We love coffee, lots of coffee.
  8. Services are usually just under an hour.
  9. Wear anything from sweats to a suit and you’ll be just fine.